Angular In Depth - Part 1

Angular In Depth - Part 1

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Exploring core concepts of Angular in depth

This series of Angular in depth will cover all the following features part by part :

  • Basic Understanding of Angular and features
  • Custom components with Basic Understanding of Angular and features

    Things required to start Angular development

    • Understanding on HTML, CSS, Typescript
    • Node installed in system

    Download | Node.js

    • install angular cli to scaffold application
    npm install -g @angular/cli

    Take a tour of the example application

    Lets take a tour on example application "Crazy developers" together by exploring all Angular topics one by one

    Create new Angular application using Angular CLI

    ng new crazydevelopersapp
    • ng : referring to angular CLI
    • new : is the keyword to create new angular application
    • crazydevelopersapp : application name

    If project needs to be created in existing folder

    ng new *crazydevelopersapp* --directory ./

    CLI asks to enable routing choose yes and choose SCSS for stylesheets. folder structure after scaffolding the template looks like this


    Okay now Why Angular ?

    we will see main features of Angular Core with an example

    • custom HTML content: You can create your own custom HTML content and extend application functionality.

    app-root is the custom HTML Tag for app component html

    Untitled 1.png

    • separating data or the model of the application from view template

      below example shows title in html tag is a variable consists of string "crazydeveloper" in component.ts

    Untitled 2.png

    • component based architecture co ordinates between view and data

    Untitled 3.png

    • built in change detection mechanism which is completely transparent which synchronizes with view

    • Updating of data in secure way

    We will discuss on components, In-Depth Angular - Medium


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